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need more info

hi, I am trying to use this go get all the subcategories of a certain category jimport('joomla.application.categories'); $categories = new JCategories('com_content'); print_r($categories); $subCategories = $categories->get(78); print_r($subCategories);

but this gives: JCategories Object ( [_nodes:protected] => [_checkedCategories:protected] => [_extension:protected] => c [_table:protected] => c [_field:protected] => c [_key:protected] => c [_statefield:protected] => c [_options:protected] => com_jumi ) subs:

So my guess is I can't acces the nessacary data because it is protected... any help?

Djemmers 07:56, 7 March 2011 (CST) Edit comment