Conflict resolution

From Joomla! Documentation

It would be naive to assume that a group of people can work together in perfect harmony. There are going to be times when someone feels they have been wronged. In these times the following procedure should apply:

  1. .Talk privately to the person concerned.
  2. If you still believe grievances exists, then bring in one or two other people to help mediate.
  3. If this fails then take the issue to the work group coordinator.
  4. If this fails take the issue with the work group coordinator to the Joomla! project leader.
  5. If this fails take the issue to the whole Core team for final determination.

Team members are encouraged to self-mediate all disputes. In all situations, treat 'wounds' appropriately. A prick on the finger just needs a tissue for a couple of seconds. Some grazes and cut just need a Band-Aid to help heal well but will probably heal anyway if left untouched. More serious lacerations need immediate intervention for survival. If a wound is left to attract an infection then the obvious threat of gangrene is present.