Eliminar um artigo

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This page is a translated version of the page Deleting an Article and the translation is 45% complete.

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Para eliminar um artigo:

  1. Inicie a sessão no Joomla! - Administrador Back-end.
  2. Vá para Conteúdo > Artigos no menu da barra de ferramentas.
  3. Selecione a caixa junto ao(s) artigo(s) que pretende eliminar.

J3x select article delete-en.png

Depois clique no botão Lixo.

J3x article trash-en.png

If you want to make sure that the Article is completely gone from the system (so no further roll back is available):

  1. In the Article Manager, click the Search Tools button next to the search box. This will cause several selector menus to appear.
  2. Click Select Status, and select Trashed.
  3. Select the article(s) you want to permanently delete, and click the Empty Trash button.

J3x article select trashed-en.png

Note: Trashed Articles are not the same as Archived Articles.