JProfiler is a class for performance analysis of your code. It allows to trace:

  • execution time of a particular code part;
  • memory amount used by your script at a specific program point.

A JProfiler object allows you to make performance marks at specified parts of your script. It stores this marks in a buffer and provides operations for accessing it. Mark is a string with the following structure:

Application Start: 0.000 seconds, 0.10 MB
\_________/ \___/  \___________/  \_____/
     |        |          |           |
   prefix   label       time       memory


  • prefix -- serves as an identifier for distinct JProfiler objects (see below);
  • label -- the name of a performance mark;
  • time -- time from a JProfiler object creation to a mark setting;
  • memory -- memory allocated to your script in a moment when a performance mark is setting.

The JProfiler class provides getInstance method that we can call statically. It serves for organisation of a global access point for distinct JProfiler objects. It stores an array of created objects and gives access to them on the grounds of a prefix which can be provided as an argument. Also, if an object with demanded prefix is absent, then getInstance method will create it.