Development Team Checklist

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Adding a new member to a team or working group

Before adding

Before you add a new member, please take care of the following:

  • Discuss possible addition with some team members, check if agreement is there. In case of doubt: wait!
  • Contact potential developer. Point on procedure and documentation in place, point to rights he/she gets when granted commit access.

Adding the member

The following steps need to be executed for adding the team member:

  • Grant access to the private developer forum area
  • Let member add his/her personal information in the private developer forum area.
  • Add member to the overview page of the website.
  • Add to the Developers mailinglist
  • Announce new member to the Developers mailinglist
  • Grand commit access to SVN. This is done by linking the new user (Joomlacode id required)
  • Grand access to the tracker
  • Inform lead developers of addition.
  • Send welcome mail to developer, cc to lead developers, use default text below.

Example invitation mail

Hi {new member},

In this mail we will explain what has been done so far to add you to the development working group. In this mail you also will find all information to get started working in the development working group. I understand the amount of information can be overwhelming, but keep in mind you are part of a great team, that always is willing to help you. Because you enter a international team of developers, help is almost always available 24x7...don't hesitate to ask if things are unclear!

We have added you to the development working group. This means that there are certain areas that are now accessible for you, a short overview:

  • The private area of the working group. You can see it under the development team. Here you find all personal details of current members and members that once were in the development working group. Privacy is a great asset of this team, use this information only for personal needs.
  • Also check the sticky post describing the actual status of all team members.
  • The Developers mailinglist (, used for discussions on development, asking help, putting in suggestions etc.
  • Subversion commit access of the Joomla! trunk Keep in mind this is full access. Use it with care, especially in the early stages of your start. See also explanation below.
  • Access to the tracker. You now can manage the tracker items.

Also read the development strategy document and the updated documentation on our wiki.

Have fun coding!