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The Documentation Working Group[edit]

The Documentation Working Group is part of the Production Department. It is responsible for creating and maintaining all the official Joomla! documentation including that for end-users, administrators and third-party developers as well as the Help Screens served in the backend of Joomla! websites.

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Documentation SubTeams[edit]

Documentation Helpscreen Team[edit]

The Documentation Helpscreen Team is in charge of maintaining and updating the help screens for the Joomla! releases.

Documentation Translation Team[edit]

The official documentation language is British English. Translations of the official documentation into other languages are the responsibility of the Documentation Translation Team (JDT).

en-GB User Interface Text Working Group[edit]

The Joomla! en-GB User Interface Text Team is in charge of establishing and maintaining the official style guidelines for writing en-GB strings, as well as ensuring consistency throughout Joomla.