Doing more with Joomla! 1.5

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The aim of this document is to provide an overview of other things you can do with Joomla! that are not covered in these getting started series of documents.

There are large numbers of resources and other things that can be done with Joomla available.

Who is it written for?[edit]

  • Everyone: But -- -
some of these things require some computing and programming skills, so the main focus here is on people with some design and/or development experience.
  • The focus is on individual developers and designers, rather than people woring in a team which provides its own resources
  • Beginners will struggle, but it is worth trying to expand your horizons

The appearance of a website[edit]

- sometimes done by a web designer

Front page of the site




Adding and modifying functionality[edit]

- sometimes done by a web developer


Extending the Site - Plugins[edit]

Extending the site - Extensions[edit]



Further information[edit]