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Explain 5 Star Rating System For Forum Posters[edit]

Joomla! Community forums make use of a 5 Star Ranking system for users.

Rankings are mainly for fun, but may also serve as a pointer for those asking questions when they are able to see the ranking of a user answering their question. When a Joomla! Newbie can see their question being followed to the door by a Joomla! Hero, they probably already felt the special and friendly community spirit that will make them stick around and “pay it forward” by answering other newbies questions. And before they know it, they become a Joomla! Hero too.

Rankings overview:[edit]

Please note the Member of the Month scheme is currently being reviewed and therefore not offered FinalRanks.jpg

Color Scheme for Joomla! Working Group Members:[edit]

You may have noticed that the user names have different colors.These color codes represent which Joomla! Working Group these users are part of.

These are the user name color codes: WGcolorcodes.jpg