Extension developer persona

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Ronin is a 41-year-old programmer. He works for KCP International, a Japanese Language School in Tokyo. He has a degree in computer science and has worked mostly as a network administrator during his working career. The KCP website team recently decided to use Joomla for their site's revamp. Ronin likes to write scripts and code here and there in his free time. He is interested in creating a Joomla component for coverting yen to other currencies so visitors to the KCP website can translate the cost of living in Tokyo into their native currency. The KCP web team would love to have such a component and have welcomed Ronin's contribution.

Ronin has researched the developer's forum at Joomla.org and is becoming acquainted with the Joomla community. One reason he is keen on Joomla is because of the emphasis in translation, as well as the international nature of the Joomla community.