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It is the responsibility of the author(s) of an extension to ensure that they comply with all the requirements listed below and within the related links.

The following are the general requirements for the provision and hosting of extensions:

Responsibility for Distribution

  • Distribution of an extension(s) is the sole responsibility of the extension's author(s).

Download links

  • The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) requires a direct download link to the file or a link to a download landing page.
  • Extensions that require registration, subscriptions, or a payment to process the download also need to have a direct landing page.
  • The landing page must be unique for each extension.
  • Extensions with broken or incorrect links will be unpublished from the JED.

Hosting files: non-commercial projects

The following only applies to non-commercial projects:

  • Avoid reaching bandwidth limit and server downtime by utilizing a source code repository for your files.

Repositories: GitHub.com

Please consider creating a project at Github where you can have a download area, tracker, forum, and other resources to help your extension's developers and to provide support to your extension's users.

Repositories: Alternatives

Alternative file repositories include:

Repositories: Shared files

  • Shared hosting of files is not allowed as download links.

Repositories: Forums

  • Forum links are not allowed as download links.

Hosting files

When you host extensions files on your own website, your site must not contain:

  • Political, religious, sexually explicit, or other inflammatory and offensive material.
  • Distribution of copyright infringement or any illegal distribution of products.
  • You must comply with the rules on Joomla! trademark and logo usage. For full details on this and other licensing issues, please see: Brand Identity Elements.
  • Domain names with the word "Joomla", or a derivative thereof, must be registered with and licensed by Open Source Matters (OSM).

Submit licence requests using the Domain Name Request form.

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