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Het Joomla! Framework Team valt onder de verantwoordelijkheid van de Production Department, die alle aspecten gerelateerd aan de code van alle software afkomstig vanuit het Joomla! Project overziet.
Please visit the Volunteers Portal to get an overview of the members of this team.


The purpose of the Joomla! Framework Team is to work on standalone parts of the Joomla! Libraries as a framework.
The intention of these packages is not only that they will replace their CMS counterparts but can also be used to build standalone applications outside of the CMS ecosystem.


The function of the team is to maintain the Joomla! Framework, its website and its GitHub Repository and work on other related items.
The framework team is officially the team that is part of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG).
It also is working on merging its packages back into the CMS so that there is one place that bug fixes should be contributed to.


  • Team Lead, Assistant Team Lead: These two members lead the team as defined in the bylaws. Their main obligation is to co-ordinate the team's activities and collaboration with other teams.
  • Member: Members of the Joomla! Framework Team are regularly contributing to the framework repositories, and help with merging pull requests.