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When submitting a listing to the JED, you'll be asked if you'd the extension to be Free (free for users to download and install) or Paid (users need to pay to download the extension). This page contains a few tips to help you decide between submitting a free or paid extension.

Type: Free or paid extensions?

According your distribution plan you need to select a type tag: free/paid

Type to list at JED entry
Model Type
Download for free Free
Download for free with registration Free
Require payment to download Paid
Require payment/subscription/donation to support (configure, install). Extension works without support Free
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove visible links (users are able to remove the links themselves) Free
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove hidden links (users are able to remove the links themselves) Free (will get editor's note)
Trial version Paid
Light version Only listed as Free
  • Duplicate listings are not allowed
  • No "light free" for a "full free" version
  • No "light paid" for a "full paid" version
  • "Light free" for a "full paid" versions are acceptable
Require payment/subscription/donation to privileged updates. Security fixes will be public available Free

Distributions Models not accepted

Not listed
Model Type
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove links (users are not able to remove the links themselves) Not allowed (GPL restrictions)
Double model: Free for non-profit sites and paid for profit sites Not allowed (GPL restrictions)

Changed from Free to Paid

Users tend to vote and review free extensions more favorably. To ensure fairness and accuracy in votes and reviews, all votes and reviews made before the change will be removed.

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