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I'm from France, not far from Douai (north).

I like spend my time making websites, programming (but a don't have a good level yet), help open source projects. I also like playing tennis, playing the guitar and learn many thing (I'm curious).

I have chosen Joomla! because I have heard of this CMS by a member of my LUG some years ago, I also tried it once and I wanted to take a look at its new versions, I think it's a great CMS.

My experience in GHOP is very good. I made some translation last month, the installation manual. It was very interresting, I have learned things about Joomla! and some Apache, PHP tips. Thanks to my mentor (infograf), I also have learned things about French, English and translations.

Now, I'm doing a website, I can't say objectively what I have already learned and what I'll learn. I think that the organization of the GHOP is very well done for Joomla!, It's good to have a list of various tasks and to be followed like that. I'm not really attracted by money (but I think the travel in USA could be nice :P), so I didn't a lot of little tasks, I prefer well done bigger tasks. I really like contributing to the community and I hope I'll be able to still contribute to Joomla! (depending on my free time and my studies) after the contest.

In the future, keep up this great job! :D Maybe it would be nice if Google could give more time for this contest and could also help other projects.