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James Ramsay


Country: Australia State: Victoria


I have a strong interest in I.T. which has lead me to spend lots of my time using computers and hence learn about them. I have done bits a pieces in a wide variety of areas but most notable, Visual Basic .NET and now my adventures in Joomla! Besides computers, I enjoy reading, and am particularly keen on J. R. R. Tolkien novels as well as Frederick Forsythe.

About Me:

I am just about to begin University, completing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Melbourne.

Why I decided to join the contest and why I choose Joomla!:

I decided to join to competition for the most part because I had just begun my holidays for a number of months and was looking for a project to keep me busy. The GHOP contest has sure done that but has been a great deal of fun as well. I choose Joomla! because I haves used Joomla! before for websites and saw this as a way to get better involved in the community atmosphere.

Some thoughts on my experience in GHOP:

GHOP has been heaps of fun! It has been a really great chance to meet people from the community and also give something back to the community. It also brought about a heightened realisation of how much work the Joomla! team puts into the software.

Ideas on how to make it better in the future:

My experiences were completely positive! If the competition went this well again, it would be a huge success.