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Kevin Hayne (Kevin8020)

I'm from the USA - Denver, Colorado... and I love it. I've had an interest in computers since the Myst series entered in our home. My love for technology has stemmed from that experience. I started working with website for fun when I was 11, and haven't looked back since. Discovering Mambo back four years ago was my introduction into PHP and I started learning the joys of working with it. After seeing Joomla! appear, I was taken with the core team's plans, and jumped over here. I spent a few years with zoom gallery before it's demise, and a few with Joomla!hacks working on their bridge for SMF. Now, I do the occasional Joomla! contract project for corePHP but not much.

Seeing GHOP was like a dream come true - finally a way JUST for high school students to contribute to this amazing project. Being able to work with Joomla! and contribute small things that will make a difference in the project has been a great experience, and one that I have really enjoyed. The volunteer staff was great - especially Amy who got me through all of my tasks and helped me when I got stuck plenty of times. I hope I get the chance to participate next year too. If I were to do anything differently, it would be to get more people staffing the event. While I felt well attended too, I had to occasionally bump my own topic to get attention. Other than that - I think it was great! The only concert I have is that if people get too ambitious next year, there won't be a chance for any of us to grab more than one task... haha!

Outside of web coding and Joomla! stuff, I love music - which has resulted in my being able to work with bands in the area (as a web guy of course). I also play guitar, enjoy working with sound systems, and love to hike in the Colorado Rockies. Speaking of the Colorado Rockies... how about that baseball team, eh?

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