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Miłosz Lewandowski (milosz.lewandowski)

I live in Lesko, Poland (Bieszczady Mountains, south-east part of country).

I'm 17 years old and I go to General Władysław Anders High School in Lesko. Next year I'm going to pass my Matura exam (A-levels). Moreover, I co-operate with company which is working on ecology (Natural Systems) and Carpathian Heritage Society. I've done for them a few websites.

I've found information about GHOP at Online Informaticians Journal (Dziennik Internautów, GHOP Contest was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge about Open Source. I've chosen Joomla! as the most connected with my specified website development interests software. I tried to build websites based on Joomla earlier, but I didn't know about more advanced features. So I know now that Joomla! is the best way to do the most advanced, light-weighted and professional websites.

GHOP tasks were great. I improved my ability of creating documentation, coding tasks were good chance to discover capabilities of PHP, XML and Joomla!. I really learnt much with GHOP. What is more, Joomla! mentors' and other contestants' help was very professional.