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Michael Casha (MiCCAS)

A little bit about yourself and your interests

I've had a keen interest in the IT area since a very young age, and have been developing websites since about 7, using XAMPP on my localhost machine.From there I found Joomla, and after learning a little more about it I became very keen in developing sites and would certainly say Joomla is a very big interest of mine now, and hopefully in the future.

Why you decided to join the contest and why you choose Joomla!

I decided to join the contest because I really needed something to kick start my contributions towards Joomla. Whilst I've always been interested in it, I haven't ever really known exactly how everything worked. The reason I chose Joomla! In particular is because not only do I know a lot about it, I found that Joomla have the best community of assistants and overall quality.

Some thoughts on your experience in GHOP

Absolutely wonderful is all I can say. Having an opportunity to get involved in major projects with people there if you need it is very reassuring!

Ideas on how we might make this better in the future.

More promotion possibly, and a faster review system is all I can suggest. And of course, more projects :) I can't believe how many people contributed to this!