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Miloš Bovan (Fantastic)

The country and region you are from:

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A little bit about yourself and your interests:

I'm 16 years old. I go to high school in second class. I like listening to techno music. I'm interested in computers, web... I would like to be professional web developer, designer or something connected with computers and web.

Why you decided to join the contest and why you choose Joomla!:

It's very useful because in that way I can improve my English and I can also meet a lot of new people with same interests. I choose Joomla! because I think Joomla! is best open source content management system, it has the biggest community, a lot of successful developers and it's easy to use.

Some thoughts on your experience in GHOP:

Very good experience, interesting topics.

Ideas on how we might make this better in the future:

Maybe you could create groups for every international zone board (Joomla community) for making tasks on their own languages.