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My full name is Ming-Ting Wei, with the nickname called "魏藥" which sounds like stomach medicine in Chinese. "medicalwei" is the ID I chose in Joomla! forum.

I live in Taiwan, and lead a tiring life for the preparation of an college entrance exam.

One of personal interests is do something meaningful with my computer.

Before I claimed the translation task, I only installed Joomla! once and abandoned right away. To feedback on free software communities, I choose a task for me to do despite my parents' disagreement. The translation of an installation document seemed easy for me, and I've tried Joomla! for its simple installation, so I chose a translation task for it.

I have to do this task return home at 10 p.m. and spend a little time to translate one or two paragraphs. To make sure what words used for translation in Joomla!, I have to check the previous installation document translated by Eddy, the leader of JoomlaTaiwan.

Eventually, I finished the task within 2 weeks, and I am waiting for Eddy's confirmation now.

GHOP is a good chance for teenagers to participate in free software communities. Thank you, everyone.