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Tomasz Dobrzyński (depresz)

My name is Tomasz Dobrzyński, I am 18. On Joomla! forum I am known as depresz. I come from city of Piotrków Trybunalski, central Poland.

I am student of 2nd year in the one of the local High School. My interests are computers, especially programming; I love it. I decided to join contest because I always wanted to participate in some Open Source project, but I did not know how to start. GHOP gave me this opportunity.

I have chosen Joomla! project because I made up my mind that I will discover new horizons which provide Joomla!. I was so excited that I could help by development of Joomla! and in this same time, play, and learn new things. Now I can see, that it was right choise, because Joomla! Community is so wonderful.

I think that GHOP is very nice organized. I have a great time. What am I suppose next year? More coding tasks and this same awesome atmosphere ;)