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My full name is Wickrama Arachchi Vithanage Hashani Maduwanthi Weerarathna, a girl, sixteen years old. Joomla! forum ID is hashani.

- the country and region you are from

I'm from Sri Lanka. The district I related is Colombo.

- a little bit about yourself and your interests

I'm Hashani, a girl, sixteen years old, l would like to learn information technology and work with global people and global tasks. Actually I know it is a nice to exchange my ideas with the friends from different countries. I'm interested in eastern music, playing music instruments, reading, cooking and gardening. And also I prefer to spend time with my family. One day I want to be a doctor and help people who live in my country.

Why you decided to join the contest and why you choose Joomla!

I got a basic idea about Opensource from one of my sister who worked with a project of Google Summer Of Code competition and I also wanted to involve with such things. I heard Joomla! and it was Better, Easy to use, Flexible. Also it has very lively support community. Then I chose joomla! task for my first GHOP task.

- some thoughts on your experience in GHOP

I learned lot of things like what is a CMS and how it will be used. Except that it was a great opportunity for me to improve my writing skills, communication skills as well. And more importantly I learned what is "working as part of a community".

- ideas on how we might make this better in the future

I would like to give my contribution further to the joomla! and have a great time with great people and great tasks. :)