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Witchakorn Kamolpornwijit (Chalet16)

My name is Witchakorn Kamolpornwijit. My Joomla! ID is Chalet16. I am from Thailand, South-East Asia. I am studying in grade 8, Patumwan Demonstration School. I am interested in C, PHP and network administration. I wish to create new open source project in the future.

I decided to join the Google Highly Open Participation Contest because I would like to learn more about developing these popular open source software.

I appreciate Joomla! because it very useful for most of the people who interested in creating new website with not much knowledge about HTML or PHP. I think I would like to have experiences in PHP and practical open source project management.

I think my tasks would be practical for most of people. For example footnotes plug-in can be used in many websites or DTD XML installer files can be standardize for Joomla! project in the future.

I think you should give the participants clearer details about the purpose of the task. In my opinion I suggest you to provide more coding tasks in the future.