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Yavor Sashov Georgiev (fealebenpae)

Location: Vidin, Bulgaria

I'm a senior at the Mathematics and Science High School in Vidin. My educational profile has an emphasis on Computer Science. I'm interested in computers (obviously), sci-fi and fantasy, philosophy, literature and also music and dancing. I'm currently pursuing university education in the US.

I learned about GHOP on Digg and thank god, otherwise I might've missed the opportunity. I checked out the participating projects and I chose Joomla because I have experience in building/maintaining my high school's website and because I was secretly itching to code some more.

Being a part of GHOP and the J! community has been really fun, no complaints whatsoever, although I feel the participating Joomla folks have been a bit (and that's an understatement) overworked and perhaps next year things would move faster and smoother if there are more J! volunteers.