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Maximiliano David Bustos (Maxi)

Country and Region: La Rioja, Argentina.

I am 17 years old. In March I start my last year of school. I am going to study Informatics Science at Cordoba National University (FaMaF). I participate in Programming Olympiads (for more information: - - I also make web sites. Doing that I met Joomla! because I needed to make a community web site (

I also programing simple applications in PHP to administrate different things.

On the other hand, I play the sax and the flute in school band. I play football and handball in school team. I play chess (some time ago I played for La Rioja team, but now I don´t have enough time to train).

In GHOP I chose Joomla! because it is the CMS I am currently learn to use.