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This page contains all the information about the opportunities with Joomla for round 6 of the Outreach Program for Women internships that will take place from June 17 through September 23, 2013. Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form. "

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an Open Source software project that produces a world renowned Content Management System and a PHP application framework that can be used to build almost any application imaginable. Contributions to either project. are welcome There are also some smaller projects in the Joomla family for which projects are possible. Interns can work of a variety of projects ranging from improving the Content Management System to cutting edge applications on using the framework to the framework itself. Usability projects for the CMS are also a possibility.

Who We Are Looking For?

We are looking for women who are interested in learning more about web and application development. You don't have to be a student. However, you need to have some development background with technologies such as PHP, JavaScript or UI/UX design. We look for enthusiasm and commitment and a willingness to learn and participate in a worldwide open source team.

Before you Get Started:

Before you get started, it’s really important that you understand how Joomla handles contributions and the importance of following appropriate guidelines for code style, use of the APIs, and design patterns. The best way to start with this for potential framework projects is to visit the framework repository and study the code structure. For CMS projects it is to download the current master branch of the Content Management System from Github and study is structures and use of the Joomla APIs and design patterns. For the the code structure. Visit this page for more info:

Our Google Summer of Code 2013 and apply for it as well if you are a student. You are also welcome to develop your own project ideas based on your areas of interest and expertise, though we strongly enourage you to discuss these with the appropriate teams.

You could also visit the Joomla Documentation page: to learn about the

Or our Google Summer of Code 2012 shows you some examples of successful student projects.


The best place to ask questions and get advice about submitting code is here:!forum/joomla-gsoc-2013

You can also visit the following lists to get better insight.

For the CMS:

For the Framework:!forum/joomla-dev-framework


Joomla IRC - #joomla Google Summer of Code IRC - #joomla-gsoc--this will open soon

Niks: davidhurley, WikiBlue

Coordinators of the Program:

Elin Waring Chad Wingdale Sandra Ordonez David Hurley

What to Do

1) Choose a Project or in consultation with a team develop one of your own. You can use one of these ideas when applying for the Outreach Program for Women: If you need a mentor or have a question, email!forum/joomla-gsoc-2013 Someone from the team will promptly reply. We prefer in the early stages that discussion be on the mailing list so that all potential applicants can get information and all potential mentors and interested community members can give advice,

2) Email the listserv to ask guidance about what a suitable small contribution might be for the project you are interested in. (You can reach out to mentors here;!forum/joomla-gsoc-2013)

OR You can find bugs suitable for beginners in our bug tracking system. Simply navigate to the tracker at and then set the filters at the top as follows: Status = Confirmed, Easy = Easy. This will list all issues that require a code fix that are classified as relatively easy. See for more information about how the Bug Squad works.

3) Send an application

Joomla Code Repositories

If you have never contributed to GIT before, you may want to check this out: