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People will need to identify their own pathway through various short tutorials and move on to other documentation as is appropriate to their needs and experience.

Some Joomla sites are pretty big and employ lots of people with different skills, but this documentation will assume they are going to be doing their own training. Therefore, most of the readers will be small-scale businesses, clubs, or individuals.

Details about the intended readership


Is someone with no previous experience of adding content to a web site but has some basic email and editing skills. They need to know how to edit and add content. They have enough previous experience to follow step-by-step, hands-on instructions.

Experienced author:

Is used to laying out text, but has not previously added content to a Joomla! Web site. They need to know how to do as much as possible with the editing facilities available on their web site and may move on to managing the structure of the site. This could include multi-lingual content.


A person with some computing background and has added to a static web site but is not familiar with HTML, scripting or CSS. They need to know how to do as much as possible with the editing facilities available on their web site. They may want to manage the site and even be able to develop an 'out-of-the-box site themselves.

Inexperienced with a CMS:

Someone with previous experience with managing a static web site, has used HTML or a scripting language, but not a lot of background knowledge. They need to be familiar with the editing facilities but their focus is likely to be on managing a site and to develop an 'out-of-the-box site themselves.


Someone who has used a CMS previously and needs to maintain a Joomla! site. They need a broad awareness of Joomla! and may move towards doing more developpment. They can explore the menus of a site with understanding.


A person with experience of programming with PHP and can cope with modules and templates. They also need to be able to do backups, installations and upgrades.


Someone with wider programming experience and who is technically aware. Experienced with Operating systems, files installing software and much more. Needs to be able to get started with Joomla! in order to develop and manage complex sites.