GSOC 2016 Ideas Selection Criteria

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Every year we make an open call for the community to submit ideas/improvements for Joomla!. We always get a very good response (thank you all) but sometimes it is possible that some ideas do not qualify to our official Project Ideas Page.


Here are some of the important points that we considered before finalizing the Ideas Pool for GSoC Program:

  • Your idea needs to be realistic.
The idea may be completed within the time period of GSoC. Ideally we have just one student working on each project so the amount of work should be realistic and achievable.
  • Idea should be feasible.
If your idea has already been planned in the coming release of Joomla! than their are very high chances that it might not be selected, because the work is already divided and planned.
  • Idea should be focused on improving the core.

  • PLT approves the ideas and provides feedback for all of them.
If they feel that some idea is going to be technically challenging, too complex and might not be implemented in the limited time we have got for GSoC, we go with the suggestion of PLT and drop the idea.
In cases when the GSoC Team is not sure about the idea and its requirements in the project, we prefer to take suggestions from our developer community on the mailing list.
  • Every idea needs a mentor.
We got a lot of good ideas but if we are not able to find mentors who understand them and are able to help a student during the period of GSoC, we can’t really go ahead and add that idea to our list.