GSoC 2012 - Student / Mentor Orientation

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This document is under massive editing!


  • Community Bonding Period
Why it is key
  • Overview of the summer
  • Webinars
  • Questions


  • Who are you?
  • Students: What class are you working on?
  • Any immediate concerns?

Community Bonding Period

You should be doing:

  • Detailed Discussions with Mentor/student
  • Working on Detailed Plan
  • Includes Milestones, Tasks, and Dates for entire summer - Turn in by May 21st
  • Writing an article about your project for the magazine
  • Set up repository in github
  • Set up eclipse or other IDE
  • Learn PHPUnit
  • Reviewing Joomla! Coding Standards
  • Studying API to Present (date TBA around May 21)
  • Create account @
  • Don't forget to do well on exams

Summer Overview

  • Coding Starts May 21st
  • Turn in detailed plan by May 21st
  • Weekly Checkin Form
  • Midterms [ July 9th - July 13th]
  • Blogging [Blog for June JCM, Due May 23rd]
  • Finals [August 20th - August 24th]



To be Confirmed

  • DocBook & Conventions - TBD (this week)
  • Contributing to FOSS - Week of May 7th
  • Github, Eclipse - Week of May 7th
  • Unit Testing - Week of May 14