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Welcome to Joomla GSoD 2019
Project Ideas Page
The application for technical writers is going to open soon!

Welcome to the Joomla Google Season of Docs (GSoD) 2019 project ideas page.

If you are interested in participating as a technical writer please review the materials on applying that are available at Google. We strongly encourage you to ask questions about process and projects on our joomla-gsoc mailing list and join our public Glip / Ringcentral chat tool.
You can contact the Joomla GSoD team at

Note: The GSoD 2019 projects are displayed in no particular order

GSoD 2019 will focus on providing technical documentation about Joomla 4, our major project release which should be available by the end of 2019. Providing a good documentation about new features is crucial for a project like Joomla, so that users and developers can upgrade or try the new major version in a smooth way. See also the Joomla 4 Tutorials Project

Project 1: Joomla 4.x Tutorials[edit]


For the new backend and the new funcions of Joomla! 4.x it would be very helpful to have a whole list of tutorials ready for the users. These would make the workflows better represented and easier to understand.

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Project 2: Joomla 4.x Help Screens[edit]


The Joomla Help Screens (over 200 help screens) are available on JDocs but most of all accessible from the backend of any Joomla sites, using the help button, to help users understanding each single feature/option and how to use them.
The Help Screens for Joomla 4 needs to be started from scratch, due to the important change between the 3.x and the 4.x series.

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Project 3: Update of the J3.x Documentation[edit]

With the forthcoming Joomla 4 release, a lot of Joomla 3.x documentation needs to be updated to fit J3.9 and J3.10 and most important to fit the changes introduced into Joomla 4 (like for example, the 4 main portals: beginners, administrators, developers, core contributors).
The task will mostly consist into duplicating the J3.x tutorials, using the right namespace and update the content to fit the new version, so that we can keep the J3.x documentation alongside with J4.x documentation. Some pages will also need to be urevie

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