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Welcome to Joomla GSoD 2023
Project Ideas Page
The application for technical writers is going to open soon!

Welcome to the Joomla Google Season of Docs (GSoD) 2023 project ideas page.

If you are interested in participating as a technical writer please review the materials on applying that are available at Google. We strongly encourage you to ask questions about process and projects on our joomla-gsoc mailing list and join our public Glip / Ringcentral chat tool.
You can contact the Joomla GSoD team at

Note: The GSoD 2023 projects are displayed in no particular order

GSoD 2023 will focus on providing technical documentation about Joomla 4, our major project release which should be available by the end of 2023. Providing a good documentation about new features is crucial for a project like Joomla, so that users and developers can upgrade or try the new major version in a smooth way. See also the Joomla 4 Tutorials Project

Project 1: Joomla! User Guide[edit]

About the Project[edit]

The Joomla! project needs a usable and easy to navigate guide specific for users and administrators of our CMS. The current documentation is outdated and contains a mix of documents, related to older unsupported versions and current versions and is not easy to navigate. The existing documentation contains also a mix of internal documentation and other pages, not related to the software itself. It is driven by MediaWiki and open for all who want to support the project by writing content. The page structure is not clear and unstructured. End users of the software are not able to find the helpful content without pain.

Key Needs[edit]

We need a simply structured page as a guide for the users of the software. It should work as a guide to lead the users step by step through the using of the CMS.

Problems We Want to Solve[edit]

Users can easily find the description they need to use the CMS. No more long searches and outdated information will confuse the user.

Good documentation also makes the CMS safer to use and thus also helps to make the web safer.

Project Scopes[edit]

  • Setting up the website
  • Setting up multilingual functionalities
  • Navigation structure for beginners, maintenance, admins …
  • Taking screenshots
  • Writing documentation

Related Materials[edit]

Project 2: Joomla! Developer Documentation[edit]

About the Project[edit]

Currently we’re using a MediaWiki which holds all the documentation for end-users, developers and integrators. This is very hard to maintain regarding the different released versions. A new initiative started to extract the developer part into a new GIT-based documentation which needs now to be filled.

Joomla! changed the release cycle to bring out a minor version every six months and have a new major version every two years. Based on that, the developer documentation is re-versioned with every major version to reflect the current state of the code base and the “best practises”. In this project the version of the previous major version should be cleaned up to remove all deleted functions and the new features should be added. Also a migration path should be described for extension developers.

Key Needs[edit]

  • Code based documentation for developers
  • Every change in the code requires an update of the documentation
  • Versioning through the different active and further Joomla! versions
  • Navigation in different capitals (get started / style guide / plugins / modules / components / templates…)
  • API documentation (move from existing docs)

Problems We Want to Solve[edit]

  • Instruction for developers; how to write code for Joomla
  • Documentation up to date to the development

Project Scope[edit]

Related Materials[edit]