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The groupedlist form field type provides a drop down list or a list box of custom-defined entries which has the ability to show grouped data. If the field has a saved value this is selected when the page is first loaded. If not, the default value (if any) is selected.

  • type (mandatory) must be groupedlist.
  • name (mandatory) is the unique name of the field.
  • label (mandatory) (translatable) is the descriptive title of the field.
  • default (optional) is the default list item value.
  • description (optional) (translatable) is text that will be shown as a tooltip when the user moves the mouse over the drop-down box.
  • class (optional) is a CSS class name for the HTML form field. If omitted this will default to 'inputbox'.
  • multiple (optional) is whether multiple items can be selected at the same time (true or false).

The XML <field> element must include one or more <option> elements which define the list items. The text between the <option> and </option> tags is what will be shown in the drop down list and is a translatable string. The <option> tag takes the following argument:

  • value (mandatory) is the value that will be saved for the field if this item is selected.

Tip: Don't forget to close the field definition with </field>.

To group the data simply put a <group> before the <option> elements you want to group and a </group> after them. The <group> tag takes the following argument:

  • label (translatable) is the text shown in the list.

Example XML field definition:

<field name="mylistvalue" type="groupedlist" default="" label="Select an option" description="">
  <group label="Group 1">
    <option value="0">Option 1</option>
    <option value="1">Option 2</option>
  <group label="Group 2">
    <option value="3">Option 3</option>
    <option value="4">Option 4</option>
  <option value="5">Option 5</option>
  <option value="6">Option 6</option>

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