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GSoC 2017
Guided Tour Project Documentation


Currently, we have only the Help Screens to help new Joomla Users to get an overview of any component view. To help make it easier and more interactive for new users, this project has been submitted.



Two ways to find the Plugin[edit]

First way[edit]

  • Navigate to Extensions    Manage    Discover
J4-plugin discover-en.png
  • Select the Plugin “plg_system_tour” and Install it.
J4-Discover Plugin-en.png

Second way[edit]

  • Download the Plugin from the link mentioned above.
  • Select the Downloaded Plugin Folder and Install it.

Extension    Manage    Install

J4-Install Plugin-en.png

How to start the Guided Tour[edit]

  • Then enable the Plugin Extension    Plugin    plg_system_tour
J4-Plugin Screenshot Enable-en.png
  • Visit any View and you will find the button at the top right corner.
  • Click on it and you can enjoy the new feature of Joomla! 4.

J4-Take the Tour Button-en.png


Note: If there are any issues while attempting to set up the platform or any suggestions to the platform itself or to the documentation don't hesitate to drop an issue at the project's repository.