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Internal Link - Search

When the Search link is selected, it expands to display the Search layout. This is used to show the Search form and the Search results as shown below.

Search layout example.png

Parameters - Basic

The Search Layout has the following Basic Parameters, as shown below.

Search basic parameters.png
  • Use Search Areas. Whether or not to show the Search Areas check boxes. These check boxes allow a User to limit the search to any combination of Articles, Web Links, Contacts, Categories, Sections, and News Feeds.
  • Show Created Date. Hide or Show the Date and Time the Article was created when displaying the Search results.

Parameters - Component

Search Layout has the following options under Parameters - Component:

Search parameters component1.png

These setting work with the settings in the Search Statistics. If a parameter here is set to 'Yes', 'No', 'Show', or 'Hide', then that action is taken. If a parameter here is set to 'Use Global', then the setting in Search Statistics is used.

  • Gather Search Statistics. Whether or not to enable the gathering of Search Statistics. Yes/No/Use Global.
  • Show Created Date. Whether to Hide or Show the Created Date for an Article. This parameter can be overridden at the Menu Item and Article level.