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{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Description_Header/en}} Provides an overview of the user requests as well as their status on a Joomla site.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_By_Menu/en|Users,Privacy}}.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Screenshot_Header/en}} [[Image:Help-39-component-privacy-dashboard-en.png|800px|border]]

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Column_Header/en}} In the Privacy Dashboard screen, you will see 2 blocks:

Total Request Count {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Column_Header_Privacy_Request_Type/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Column_Header_Privacy_Status/en}}{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Column_Header_Privacy_Status_Values/en}}

*# of Requests. Displays the number of requests for each type

*This block displays also the number of Total Requests and the number of Active Requests.

Status Check

*Published Privacy Policy. (Published/Unpublished)
Whether the Privacy Policy is published or unpublished.

**Navigate to Extensions  Plugins  System - Privacy Consent and select your Privacy Article. **Once published, you can edit your Privacy Policy article from this screen.

  • Published Request Form Menu Item. (Published/Unpublished)
    Whether the Menu Item (which allows users to send requests) is published or unpublished.

**To create it, navigate to [Your Menu]  Add New Menu Item  Menu Item Type:Select  Privacy  Create Request. **Once published, you can edit your menu item from this screen.

  • Outstanding Urgent Requests. Number of urgent requests which are older than the number of days set in the Privacy Options.
*Mail Sending Enabled. (Enabled/Disabled) Mail Sending must be enabled, it is a requirement to use the request system.
To enable navigate to System  Global Configuration  Server  Mail Settings.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Position/en|right}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Function/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Help/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Options/en}}

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Quick_Tips_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Privacy_Quick_Tips_Ways_To_Confirm/en}}

*Click on a 'Request Type' to view the requests.

*In the bottom navigation bar, Messages, the number of unread messages is displayed. Click on it to display the Private Messages screen.