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The Search Statistics screen provides an overview:

  • how many searches were done for each keyword combination
  • how many results were returned for each search.

How to Access[edit]

  • Select Components  Search from the dropdown menu of the Administrator Panel.



Column Headers[edit]

In the table containing Search Terms these are the different columns as shown below. Click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value.

  • Search Phrase. The search text entered by the user.
  • Hits. The number of times an phrase has been searched.
  • Results. The number of search results returned to the user for this search text.

Column Filters[edit]

Above the column headers on the right, there are 2 dropdown input fields, Sort Table By: (preset to 'Hits ascending') and a number (preset to '20') to display.


These column sorting input fields shows the current method of sorting applied to the table. Use the dropdown field choices and click the column heading name. Alternatively, click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value.

This will also change the value in the drop field to correspond with the column header name. The list will then be sorted in order by that column and a sort icon (up or down arrow) will show next to the column name. Click a second time to reverse the sort, which will change the corresponding drop field.

  • Hits ascending (default). Shows ordering of selected column, ascending or descending.
  • Number of search phrases to display. Shows the number of search phrases to display on one page, default is 20 search phrases. If there are more search phrases than this number, you can use the page navigation buttons to navigate between pages.

List Filters[edit]

The List Filters are a series of controls that let you limit what search phrases show in the screen. More than one filter may be entered. In this case, only search phrases that meet all of the filter conditions will show on the list.

Filter by Partial Title or ID

In the upper left is a search field and 2 buttons.

  • To filter by partial title, enter part of the title and click 'Search' Help30-Search-Button.png
  • To filter by ID number, enter "id:xx", where "xx" is the ID number (for example, "id:29").
  • Click 'Clear' to clear the Filter field and restore the list to its unfiltered state.

Statistics Status

Above the table an alert is shown indicating whether gathering statistics is enabled or disabled as shown below:


Gathering statistics enabled / Gathering statistics disabled.

If the options parameter called "Gather Search Statistics" is set to "Yes", this will display as "Enabled". Otherwise, it will display as "Disabled". See Search Options for information on enabling and disabling statistics.

Automatic Pagination[edit]

Page Controls. When the number of search phrases is more than one page, you will see a page control bar as shown below. The current page number being viewed is shaded.

  • Start: Click to go to the first page.
  • Prev: Click to go to the previous page.
  • Page numbers: Click to go to the desired page.
  • Next: Click to go to the next page.
  • End: Click to go to the last page.


At the top left you will see the toolbar.


The functions are:

  • Show Search Results / Hide Search Results. Toggle this button to show or hide the "Results" column values.
  • Reset. Resets the search log to its initial, empty state.
    Warning: This will erase all prior search statistics information.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.
  • Options. Opens the Options window where settings such as default parameters can be edited.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • This screen does not enable or disable searching of the web site. Searching is enabled by adding a Search Module.
  • Search statistics are disabled by default. If you're interested in knowing what your visitors search for and what they find, you'll need to enable search statistics. Refer to Options for more information.

Related Information[edit]

To add a Search Module.

Help Screens[edit]

Component Description
Search (this screen)

The Search Statistics screen provides an overview:

  • how many searches were done for each keyword combination
  • how many results were returned for each search.

Search Options configuration allows setting of parameters used globally for Search.

Menu Item Description
Search Form or Search Results

Used to create a 'Search Form or Search Results' page for users to search site's content. Additional, used to control output look of search results or 'can' the results of a search with a menu link for preset search term or terms.

Module Description

This module will display a search box.