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{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Description_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Description_Menu_Item/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Menu_Item_Add/en|List All Categories}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_By_Menu/en|Menus,[name of the menu],Add New Menu Item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Menu_Item_Type_Select_Button/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Menu_Item_Type_Select/en|Articles,List All Categories}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Menu_Item_Edit/en|List All Categories}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_How_To_Access_Menu_Item_By_Title/en}}

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Screenshot_Header/en}} [[File:Help30-Menus-Menu-Item-Article-Categories-screen-en.png|800px|border|none]]

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu_Title/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Alias/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Details_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu_Item_Type/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Select_a_Top_Level_Category/en}} To include all article categories, select Root. Otherwise, select the desired top-level category. All child categories of the selected category will show in the layout. {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu_Link/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Target_Window/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Template_Style/en}}

[[File:Help30-menu-item-details-screenshot-en.png|265px|border|right|Menu item sidebar]]

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Parent_Item/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu_Item_Ordering/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Status/en|menu item|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Default_Page/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Access/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Language/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Note/en|Menu item|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Categories_Header/en}} The Categories Options allow you to control various aspects of this layout, as shown below. If you select Use Global for any option, the value from the Article Manager Options will be used.




{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Top_Level_Category_Description/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Alternative_Description/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Subcategory_Levels/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Empty_Categories/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Subcategories_Descriptions/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Items_in_Category/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Category_Header/en}} Category Options control the appearance of the screen when you click on a category link. The following options are available.


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Category_Title/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Category_Description/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Category_Image/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Subcategory_Levels/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Empty_Categories/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_No_Articles_Message/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Subcategories_Descriptions/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Items_in_Category/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Blog_Layout_Header/en}}

When you drill down a category, it will normally be in a list or blog layout. Which one will depend on the settings in the Article Manager Options and the Category Edit Basic Options. Blog Layout Options control the appearance of the category drill down if that results in a blog layout. Important Note: If there is a Category Blog menu item defined for a category, the drill down will navigate to that menu item and the options for that menu item will control the layout. The options here only take effect if there is no menu item for a category.


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Leading_Articles/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Intro_Articles/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Columns/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Links/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Multi_Column_Order/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Include_Subcategories/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Category_Order/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Article_Order/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Date_for_Ordering/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_List_Layouts_Header/en}} The List Layout Options control the appearance of the category drill-down page when that is presented as a Category List. The following options are available:



*Filter Field. The Filter Field creates a text field where a user can enter a field to be used to filter the articles shown in the list. Options are: **Hide: Don't show a filter field. **Title: Filter on article title. **Author: Filter on the author's name. **Hits: Filter on the number of article hits. **Use Global: Use the value from Articles  Options. {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Table_Headings/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Date/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Date_Format/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Hits_in_List/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Author_in_List/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Number_Articles_to_List/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Shared_Header/en}} The Shared Options apply for Shared Options in List, Blog and Featured unless they are changed by the menu settings. The following options are available:


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Pagination/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Pagination_Results/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Options_Header/en}} The List All Categories Layout has the following Article Options, as shown below.


In addition to Yes/No or Hide/Show, these options allow the "Use Global" setting. This uses the default value from Article Options. The Article Options are as follows. {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Layout/en|Choose a Layout}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Title/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Linked_Titles/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Intro_Text/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Category/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Category/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Parent/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Parent/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Author/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Author/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Create_Date/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Modify_Date/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Publish_Date/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Navigation/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Voting/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Read_More/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Title_with_Read_More/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Icons/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Print_Icon/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Email_Icon/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Hits/en|}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Unauthorised_Links/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Integration_Header/en}} The List All Categories layout has the following Integration Options.


These determine whether a news feed will be available for the page and what information it will show. {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Show_Feed_Link/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Include_in_Feed/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Link_Type_Header/en}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Title_Attribute/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Class/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Link_Image/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Image_Class/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Add_Menu_Title/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Display_In_Menu/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Page_Display_Header/en}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Menu_Item_Page_Display/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Metadata_Header/en}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Meta_Description/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Meta_Keywords/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Robots/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Secure/en}}{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Form_Module_Assignment_Header/en}}



{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Position/en}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Toolbar_Function/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Save/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAndClose/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAndNew/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_SaveAsCopy/en|menu item}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Close/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Help/en}}

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Frontend_Screenshot_Header/en}} {{Chunk30:Help_screen_screenshot_disclaimer/en}}


{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Quick_Tips_Header/en}} * Categories can be "nested" into levels, similar to folders on a disk drive. In theory there is no absolute limit on the number of levels you can have. However, as a practical matter it is recommended to keep the levels to a minimum. The Show All Categories layout may not work correctly if the number of levels shown is greater than 5.

* If you set up category titles as linkable, the user can drill down on the category. When they do, they will normally see either a Category List or Category Blog layout, depending on which option is selected. If there is a pre-existing menu item for this category (for example, a Category Blog menu item), then that menu item will show in the drill down and the options set for that menu item will control the page display. Otherwise, the options set for the current Show All Categories menu item will control the page display.

* You can set the option to drill down to a list or blog in 2 places. *# In Articles Options you can set the default value for all categories. *# In Category: Edit you can set a value for a specific category. If this is set, it overrides the default value.

{{Chunk30:Help_screen_Related_Information_Header/en}} * Categories are created using Category: Add or Edit.

* To create a new menu see Menus.

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The Article's content is edited using the default editor selected in the User Manager - New/Edit. The Joomla! default editor is called TinyMCE. A number of Parameters can be set for the Article. Metadata can also be entered.

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Allows users to submit an article. Normally this is available only to users who have logged in to the front end of the site. Users must have permission to create articles. When the Create Article page is shown in the front end, the screen shows as examples in the following Front End Screenshots section

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