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Installer Options configuration allows setting of parameters used globally for Installer.

How to Access

From the administrator area, select Extensions  Manage from the drop-down menu of the Administration screen. Click the Options button on top.




Preferences Tab

  • Joomla! Extensions Directory. (Show message/Hide message) Show or hide the information at the top of the installer page about the Joomla! Extensions Directory.
  • Updates Caching (in hours). For how many hours should Joomla cache update information. This is also the cache time for the Update Notification Plugin, if enabled.
  • Minimum Stability. The minimum stability of the extension updates you would like to see. Development is the least stable, Stable is production quality. If an extension doesn't specify a level it is assumed to be Stable.

Permissions Tab

This section shows permissions for Installer. The screen shows as follows. Help38-Components-Installer-Options-Permissions-en.png

To change the permissions for this extension, do the following.

  • Select the Group by clicking its title located on the left.
  • Find the desired Action. Possible Actions are:
    • Configure ACL & Options. Users can edit the options and persimissions of this extension.
    • Configure Options Only. Users can edit the options exept the persimissions of this extension.
    • Access Administration Interface. Users can access user administration interface of this extension.
    • Create. Users can create content of this extension.
    • Delete. Users can delete content of this extension.
    • Edit. Users can edit content of this extension.
    • Edit State. Users can change the published state and related information for content of this extension.
    • Edit Own. Users can edit own created content of this extension.
  • Select the desired permission for the action you wish to change. Possible settings are:
    • Inherited. Inherited for users in this Group from the Global Configuration permissions of this extension.
    • Allowed. Allowed for users in this Group. Note that, if this action is Denied at one of the higher levels, the Allowed permission here will not take effect. A Denied setting cannot be overridden.
    • Denied. Denied for users in this Group.
  • Click Save in Toolbar at top. When the screen refreshes, the Calculated Setting column will show the effective permission for this Group and Action.


At the top left of the Installer Options window you will see the toolbar.


The functions are:

  • Save. Saves the Installer options and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the Installer options and closes the current screen.
  • Cancel. Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.