Content Security Policy Reports

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The Content Security Policy Reports list is used to review and manage collected CSP reports.

How to Access[edit]

  • Select System  Manage panel  Content Security Policy from the Administrator menu.




The functions are:

  • Publish. Makes the selected report available to the automatic generated Content-Security-Policy rule.
  • Unpublish. Makes the selected report unavailable to the automatic generated Content-Security-Policy rule.
  • Trash. Changes the status of the selected report to indicate that they are trashed. Trashed reports can still be recovered by selecting "Trashed" in the Select Status filter and changing the status of the report to Published or Unpublished as preferred. To permanently delete trashed article, select "Trashed" in the Select Status filter, select the article to be permanently deleted, then click the Empty Trash toolbar icon.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • By default this view will be empty. You have to first enable the collection mode form the options.
  • To see trashed reports, set the Status filter to All.

Related Information[edit]

  • To configure the Content-Security-Policy: Components CSP Reports Options
  • More details on HTTP Header Tools in 4.x: Http Header Management
    • Please note that this Component requires the Plugin System - HTTP Headers (plg_system_httpheaders) to be enabeld. When not enabled there is a warning in this screen.