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This screen is accessed from the back-end Joomla! administrator panel. It is used to preview and templates in your Joomla! website.

How to access


The Template Manager: Templates screen allows you to preview and edit templates which are installed in your Joomla! installation.



Column Headers

Click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value.

  • Template. The name of the template.
  • Location. Whether the style is a public front-end or an administrator back-end style. 'Site' means it is a public front-end style. 'Administrator' means it is an administrator back-end style.
  • Version. The version number of the item.
  • Date. The date the item was created by the developer.
  • Author. The developer of the template.

List Filters

Filter by Partial Title

You can filter the list of items by typing in part of the Title.


Filter by Location

In the upper right area, above the column headings, there is one drop-down list box as shown below:


Only items matching the selection will be displayed in the list.

  • Select Location. The location the template is used in - Site or Administrator.

Number of Items to Display

Below the list you'll find:


At the top left you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Options. Opens the Options window where settings such as default parameters can be edited.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.


See Template Manager: Styles.

Toolbar Links

At the top left, above the Filter, you will see the following two links:


  • Styles. Click this link to go to the Template Manager: Styles screen.
  • Templates. This link takes you to the screen you are currently on.

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