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This screen checks that your database table structure is up to date with your Joomla programs and lets you try to fix any problems that are found.

In a normal Joomla version update, changes to the database table structure (also called "schema") are done automatically to keep the database version synchronized with the Joomla version.

If an update is done manually, or if some part of an automatic update fails, the database schema might not be updated to match the version of the Joomla program files. In this case you will see a list of database problems on the screen. You can normally fix any problems by clicking on the Fix button.

Come accedere

  • Select System  Information Panel  Database from the Administrator menu.





Column Headers

Chunk4x:Help screen column header Chunk4x:Help screen column header

  • Location. Specifies if this is a site or administrator extension.
  • Type. The extension type - module, plug-in, template, language.
  • Problems. Any problems will be mentioned here. A hover Tooltip provides more information.
  • Database Version. The version number of the Database.
  • Manifest Version. The version number of Joomla or Extension.
  • Folder. If the extension is a plug-in, the subdirectory of your Joomla! installation's /plugins directory where the extension is located.
  • ID. The ID number. This is a unique identification number for this item assigned automatically by Joomla!. It is used to identify the item internally, for example in internal links. You cannot change this number.

List Filters




Filter Options

You can use one of the available filters or any combination of them to limit the number of extensions displayed to just the extensions which match your filter parameters.

  • -Select Location-. Select Site, Administrator or API from the dropdown list of available locations.
  • -Select Type-. Select the extension type from the dropdown list box of available types.
  • -Select Folder-. Select a plug-in folder from the dropdown list box of available folders. There is a separate folder for each type of plug-in defined in your Joomla installation.






  • Update Structure. This program attempts to fix any database table structure problems found in the Database check. It runs any database schema change scripts (from the folder administrator/components/com_admin/sql/updates) that were not run during the version update. It then re-checks whether or not the database is up to date. If it is successful, the message "Database table structure is up to date" will show.



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Quick Tips

  • If you experience problems during an update, use this Database check to see if your database got updated correctly.
  • It is strongly recommended that you use the Joomla Update component to update your site. This way the database changes will be done automatically.

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