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The Media Manager is a tool for managing files in the [joomlaroot]/images/ folder and other user defined local folders. Tools available include:

  • upload a new image (or document)
  • delete an existing image
  • rename an image
  • edit an image
  • get an image link
  • create a new folder.

How to access

  • Home Dashboard  Site  Media.



Image Display Area


This area shows the structure of the local folders of your site, by default the images folder. Quick Tip

The currently selected folder is also shown in the Breadcrumbs above the image display area.

Top Bar

  • Checkbox. Select/Deselect All Images. After selection you can deselect individual images.
  • Breadcrumbs. Select a breadcrumb item to go back in the folder hierarchy.
  • Search. Type some part of an image name in the search box. The filter works progressively - for example, entering the letter "k" in the search box will instantly reduce the displayed images to those containing a letter "k".
  • Magnifier Icons. Decrease/Increase the visible size of the thumbnail images.
  • List View/Thumbnail View Icons. Toggles between Thumbnail and List views - the icon changes accordingly.
  • Information Icon. Displays information on whatever is selected. If an image is selected it will show the file name, folder path, size and various other properties. Select to open or close the Information panel.


Hover over an image and select the menu button labelled with 3 dots. 6 icons appear offering the following actions:

  1. Preview. Select the magnifier icon - the image is shown full size in a dialog.
  2. Edit. Select the pencil icon to open the Media Edit window. It allows you to crop, resize or rotate the image.
  3. Download. Select the download icon - your computer will respond by asking you what you want to do with the download. Or it may just save it or open it in an image display application.
  4. Get a shareable link. Select the link icon to get a link to the image that you can use for sharing. A dialog allows you to copy the link to your clipboard for pasting into an email or document.
  5. Rename. Select the rename icon to open a dialog that allows you to rename the image.
  6. Delete. Select the waste bin icon to delete the image. You will be prompted to confirm. Once deleted it is gone forever! May be used also to delete a folder.


At the top of the page you will see the toolbar shown in the Screenshot above.

  • Upload. Opens window for uploading images.
  • Create New Folder. Opens a dialog to prompt for a new folder name. The new folder is created in the currently selected folder.
  • Delete. Deletes the selected images.
  • Options. Opens Media Options.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.

Quick Tips

  • If you wish to keep images and documents in separate local folders:
    1. create a folder in the root of your site, say files
    2. go to the Filesystem - Local plugin and add files under Select directories.
    3. Back in the Media component you will see images and files as separate items in the Local panel.
  • The Media's maximum upload size can be changed to an amount other than "10 MB" in the Media Options.
  • You can upload or delete multiple files at the same time.

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