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Available to users with administrator or backend access to a Joomla! installation. The "My Profile" page allows an site administrator the ability to edit their personal information. These include the following: name, username, email, and personal preferences (editors, administrator backend template choice, help, time zone and language settings).

How to access

  • At the top right, click on the User Icon    Edit Account


user menu edit account


user menu account edit profile tool bar

At the top you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Save: Saves the user and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the user and closes the current screen.

Chunk4x:Help screen toolbar icon Close\en Chunk4x:Help screen toolbar icon Help\en

Form Fields

Selected by Top Tabs


My Profile Details

user menu edit account edit profile account details File:Help-4x-Site-My-Profile-details-en.png Chunk4x:Help screen column header Name\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header LoginName\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Password\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header ConfirmPassword\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Email\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header RegistrationDate\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header LastVisitDate\en

  • ID. This is a unique identification number for this item assigned automatically by Joomla!. It is used to identify the item internally, and you cannot change this number. When creating a new item, this field displays 0 until you save the new entry, at which point a new ID is assigned to it.

Basic Settings

File:Help-4x-Site-My-Profile-basic-en.png Chunk4x:Help screen column header Backendtemplate\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Backendlang\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Frontendlang\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Editor\en Chunk4x:Help screen column header Helpsite\en

  • Time Zone. Set the time zone of the user. Default is the Time Zone set in the Global Configuration.

User Actions Log Options (tab available for Super Users only)

  • Send notifications for User Actions Log. (Yes/No) If set to yes, the User will receive user actions log notification by email
  • Select events to be notified for. Select the user actions log notifications to be sent by email.

Quick Tips

  • Your login name, password, and email are automatically populated from your initial installation. If desired, you can change or edit these settings by using this interface. If you change your password remember that it is case sensitive.
  • You can also access and edit your administrator account from the Users User Manager Edit screen which is available through the Users User Manager.

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