Пользователи: Уровни доступа

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This screen shows a list of User Access Levels.

Как открыть

Select Users  Access Levels from the Administrator menu.



Column Headers

In the table containing the Access Levels from your Joomla! site, you will see different columns. Here you can read what they mean and what is displayed in that column.

{{:Chunk4x:Help screen column header Checkbox/en}} {{:Chunk4x:Help screen column header Order/en}} *Level Name. The name of the access level. *User Groups Having Viewing Access. The groups that have viewing access. {{:Chunk4x:Help screen column header Id/en}}

List Filters

At the top you will see the filter bar shown in the Screenshot above. The functions are:

*Search. Enter part of the level's name and press the Search icon to find matching names. Press 'Clear' to clear the search field and restore the list of levels.

Панель инструментов

{{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_top_descriptor/en}} {{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_New/en|access level}} {{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Edit/en|access level}}

{{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Delete/en|access levels}}

Note that you cannot delete an access level that is currently being used. If you try to delete an access level that is assigned, a message showing where it is assigned will be displayed.

{{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Options/en}} {{:Chunk4x:Help_screen_toolbar_icon_Help/en}}

Быстрые советы

*Click on the name of an access level to edit it. *Click on the Column Headers to sort the users by that column, ascending or descending.

Связанная информация

* Users: Edit Viewing Access Level * Users: Options * Users * Users: Groups * ACL Tutorial for Joomla! 3.x