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The Mail Template Edit form allows you to change the default text for the Subject, Body and/or HTML Body.

How to Access[edit]

  • Select System  Templates panel  Mail Templates from the Administrator menu. Then...
    • Select the Title of the template you wish to edit. Select the language version you wish to edit from the pop-up list.



Form Fields[edit]

Mail Tab[edit]

  • Subject. This displays a string key if the adjacent Edit Subject toggle is set to No. If set to Yes the subject contains the default text for you to change. {SITENAME} is a placeholder that should not be changed.
  • Body. Set the adjacent Edit Body toggle to see and edit the default plain text message.
  • HTML. Set the adjacent Edit HTML Body toggle to see and edit the default HTML message.


At the top of the page you will see the toolbar shown in the Screenshot above. The functions are:

  • Save. Saves the item and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the item and closes the current screen.
  • Close. Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made. This toolbar icon is not shown if you are creating a new item.