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Help with Joomla! 5[edit]

For help with a specific administrator page, within the Joomla administrator interface you can select the Help toolbar button for further information about the page. It is located at the right of the Toolbar just beneath the Title bar. Example:


A modal dialog will pop up in the middle of the screen containing Help information specific to that page.

Help Screen Version Notice[edit]

These Help Screens are for Joomla! Version 5. Sometimes Joomla updates cause a Help screen to differ from the page it is supporting. There may be new or removed options or differences in functionality. Otherwise, all help screens will still function as expected. Remember, you should always update your Joomla! version as soon as possible to benefit from new features and/or security enhancements.

Getting started[edit]

If you have only recently started working with Joomla you will probably have experienced the pain of learning a new system. New terminology, new ways of doing things, perhaps even the web itself may be new to you. Then let this guide relieve some of that pain.

Keeping your website secure[edit]

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