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GSoC 2017
Help Screens Screenshots Automation


As the most time-consuming part of the Documentation is Taking Screenshots of several views, components. And once they are taken the naming of the Screenshot takes time. In this project, I tried to bypass that step by making it Automated. Yes, now the Screenshots and their naming are done automatically. I am pretty sure that the time previously needed to create all the screenshots can be achieved in just a few minutes thanks to this automation. With only 4-5 commands, the Volunteers will be able to take all the needed screenshots. Basic Overview of Screenshot Automation -


  • The testing environment requires your local machine with the Joomla! CMS 4 installed with PR.

Check out to the Branch the “jdocs2017automation” ( ).

  • After the Switching the branch to “jdocs2017automation”
Navigate to folder tests/codeception
             	 And do a Composer Install.( ).

And run the command

            “tests/codeception/vendor/bin/robo create:screenshots”

Adding More URLs[edit]

  • For adding more URL for the screenshots Navigate to (tests/codeception/screenshots/screenshot.urls.yml)

Open the file “Screenshot.urls.yml” in the editor and you can add the URL over there


Note: If there are any issues while attempting to set up the platform or any suggestions to the platform itself or to the documentation don't hesitate to drop an issue at the project's repository.