How to apply a .sql file to a database

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Using phpMyAdmin[edit]

Login to your MySQL database via phpMyAdmin. Select your database. Choose the SQL tab. Enter the code lines into the text box and press Go. You will be provided with the results of the command on this screen.

Using MySQL Query Browser[edit]

Login to your MySQL database via MySQL Query Browser. Double click on your database on the right side to select it. Create a new script tab and enter the code lines into the text box provided and press Execute.

Using the Command Line MySQL Client (Advanced!)[edit]

MySQL by default ships with a Command-Line Client that enables access to MySQL databases.

  1. Change to the directory containing a copy of the script file. For example,
    cd /public_html/installation/sql/mysql
  2. Use the tool to connect to your Joomla! database and use a redirection operator ("<") to take commands from the .sql file. For example,
    mysql --user=name joomla_database_name < diff_rc3_to_rc4.sql
    You will be prompted to enter the password before the command is carried out. Do not use the --password option to enter your password on the command line. This is not secure. (Anyone logged into your system can see the password.)