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CORE language packs[edit]

Joomla! uses three language packages, one for the front end, one for the administrator and one for installation. Ideally you will create all three.

For practical information on the way to make core translation files:

Files encoding[edit]

  • ALL FILES MUST BE SAVED AS UTF8 NO BOM (for non-ascii glyphs as in accented letters, etc.)


Many people find it helpful to use the Translation manager extension. This helps by automating the creation of the files.

Translation pack[edit]

A translation pack consists of an xml file, a blank index file and a set of *.ini files containing the language strings for your language. The easiest way to understand this structure is to look at the files in the language/en-GB folder of your Joomla! installation.

This is an excerpt from en-GB.mod_login.ini

 ENCRYPT LOGIN FORM=Encrypt Login Form
 FORGOT_YOUR_PASSWORD=Forgot your password?
 FORGOT_YOUR_USERNAME=Forgot your username?

To create a package for your language you change the strings to the right of the = signal.

Language naming convention[edit]

Language naming convention in Joomla are: language + ISO code.

Name of package should start with your language's ISO code + description + version:

  • fr-FR_joomla_lang_full_3.0.2v1.zip


The locale is used to sort translated lists when present on the server. Information on available locales may be found here.

Guidelines for developers[edit]

Guidelines for developers to facilitate translation: Language Guidelines for 3rd Party Extensions