Inserting a heading into an Article

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To insert a heading into an Article:

  1. Open the Article for editing using one of the following methods:
    • Click the Content > Article Manager menu item to go to the Article Manager, select the Article and click the Edit toolbar button.
    • Click the Add New Article button in the Control Panel.
    • If you are logged in to the Front-end, have appropriate permissions, and are viewing the Article you wish to edit: Click the Edit toolbar button.
  2. Write the heading text in the desired location using the editor.
  3. Click (and optionally highlight) the heading text.
  4. Select one of the heading options (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) from the --Format-- drop down editor toolbar field.
    • The primary heading level is 1, but you may choose between 1 - 6.
    • To revert the heading to normal paragraph text choose Paragraph.


A Tip!

The style of the heading is determined by styles defined in the site template. In order to create well structured articles it is considered important to use headings primarly for organising documents rather than for style and presentation.