Why don't contact images display correctly in version 1.5.8?

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The "J1.5" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.

In Joomla! 1.5.8 images might not be displayed on contact pages. This issue will be fixed in the next release (1.5.9), but until then here are the steps how you can fix it yourself:

  1. Open components/com_contact/views/contact/tmpl/default.php with a text editor.
  2. Find this line (line 52):
    <?php echo JHTML::_('image', '/images/stories' . '/'.$this->contact->image, JText::_( 'Contact' ), array('align' => 'middle')); ?>
  3. Change this line to the following and save the file (note the missing '/' in front of the second parameter):
    <?php echo JHTML::_('image', 'images/stories' . '/'.$this->contact->image, JText::_( 'Contact' ), array('align' => 'middle')); ?>

A community member, Strats, posted the corrected file on the forum, so you can also download it there (registration is required on the forum to download files) and replace the original file with the new one.